The Water Song

Come, oh come let us away-
Exciting and adventurous in it’s way.

Lower, lower every day,

This isn’t popular to do. To become lowly is forgetting ones pride and humbling yourself to be the servant of all.

Oh, what joy it is to race
Down to find the lowest place.

The Bible says to run the race marked out for us. But racing is hard! How can it become a joy to race to find out the lowest place?

This is the dearest law we know-
It is happy to go low.

It is happy to love and be loved in return but there is a pain to go with love. Jesus endured the pain of rejection and death, he even went down into hell itself to rescue those for the Kingdom. All on account of love.

Sweetest urge and sweetest will,
Let us go down lower still.

We see the current of streams, rivers and waterfalls, especially waterfalls. It can be gentle, rough, wild or even happy. They give of themselves freely. It’s a thrilling feeling to watch and think about how generously God is to us and how much of Himself He want to give.

I’ll continue this in the next post…

Till Jesus will it’s


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