The Sweet Scent of Love

heart1Right now I’m out on the porch enjoying the warm sunshine and whenever the breeze picks up I catch the scent of honeysuckle coming out from the bushes.

I’ve always loved that smell, better then any perfume that could be made in my humble opinion.  Reading the book “Beautiful Outlaw”, John Eldridge talks of an inside joke/affection that’s between him and the Lord.  It’s about a cow pie shaped like a heart.

I know what you’re thinking, cow pies don’t smell good.  While I have to admit it is a little funny,  a heart shape signifies love, and the smell isn’t important as much as the message.   I like that intimacy has inside jokes and secrets just between lovers, and I think having one with Jesus would be priceless, knowing its just for me.

Peace to you today dear friend.

Till Jesus wills it,

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