The Silent Treatment…or is it?

For periods in my life in my relationship with God, I’ve often kicked against the goads. Whenever He is silent in my life it’s a period I despise the most. I’ve felt alone and insecure, and I’ve gotten angry at Him.  I feel like if He won’t talk to me why should I talk to Him?  It’s been quite dysfunctional between us.

So what am I missing? What if I’m not focusing on the deeper picture because I’m so stuck on why He isn’t doing this or that? He’s always speaking, and it hurts me that I’m stubbornly adamant about my wishes.  I know He’s longing for me to just calm down and rest, but this is also notoriously difficult when my anxiety is in a high dudgeon.

Christine Caine who’s a christian and Australian speaker, said the times when you are in a dark place you think you’re being buried, but in reality you’re being planted.

I need to change my thought pattern and just trust! To turn my depression and anxiety into shouts of joy.

Help me Abba.

Till Jesus wills it,

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