The Acts of Anger

First off I have to confess my own anger.  I’m angry at the world’s injustice and abuse, and angry even at myself for letting it get to me.

And, “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” and “Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry”.  Ephesians 4:26

There is such a thing as righteous anger.  Think about Jesus in the temple, which is one of my favorite scenes.  When Jesus entered the temple courts He began to drive out those who were selling.  “It is written,” He said to them, “‘My house will be a house of prayer’; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers.'”  Luke 19:45-46

Cool huh? That’s the kind of anger you respect, however, go too far and you end up being mean and bitter.  Being in control of my anger means I’m level headed and know it has an ending, by the end of the day letting it go to start again in the morning.

But having the anger control me gets messy.  More often than I can tell you, my friend, the enemy has brought back old wounds of fights I’ve had in the past to make me angry all over again and robbing me of rest, joy and contentment.  What’s worse is that I’ve let him do it.  “The spirit is willing, Jesus said, but the flesh is weak”.  Oh Jesus how true you spoke!

In time I’ve learned to let go of grudges and and bitterness. it’s caused me many tears during times I’ve failed, but somehow Jesus has always pulled me through it.  I’ve seen how bitterness and anger can destroy lives and taint what is good.  I never want to lose myself in anger even though I’m allowed to be angry but not so much as to let hatred cloud my mind.  Hatred has no room for Love.  I’m a Lover in training, as my Papa used to say, and perfect love is where He’s at. 🙂

Till Jesus wills it,

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