Servants aren’t Greater then their Master

Being a servant is to serve, not to demand or think we are getting too big for our pants.  If we do, it becomes an issue of pride thinking that we deserve better then what we’re being handed.

Jesus said we are to serve here on earth while He’s back Home preparing for us a place.  If we don’t obey His commands, what are we good for? Well, the bible is blunt in calling the rebellious and disobedient chaff or stubble.

The work is urgent and I’ve begun to see the urgency when I read. And what of it if we’re slandered, mocked, and ridiculed?  Jesus went through all that and more and He never spoke back with offense wanting to get back in revenge.  That time has not yet come and it’s not our place.

Be careful my friend, and I’m speaking to myself too.  Feeling greater then what’s good for you isn’t being an outlaw or a servant. If Jesus, the High Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven could humble himself that much to bear all kinds of abuse for us, shouldn’t we as his Bride behave the same?

Till Jesus wills it,

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