New Year Resolutions? New Year Absolution More Like It!

Resolutions mean things we need, or must do during the new year.  These are things for me which are quickly forgotten, often by the end of the first day. How many times have we swore up and down about keeping our promises only to cast them aside when life, or I’ll go out on another limb to say, laziness, gets in our way?

The Psalmist said; “I have kept the Lord always before me, for He is at my right hand I will not be shaken.”  Psalm 16:8

That sounds to me not like a promise, but as an “absolute”.  Absolute means complete or total, and absolution means absolving one of their fault.

Jesus is absolute for always – He’s complete.  It’s like how the book “Hinds Feet on High Places” explains it, that He won’t rest until He’s made us into the completeness of what He wants us to be.

Again my dear friend, I’ve been MIA for awhile but this time I haven’t felt anxious.  I’ve been learning to rest completely in my Lover’s embrace until such time as He thinks it best that I write again.

So instead of”resolutions” I’m going to count on “absolution” for this new year, on being complete, and happy in being an “outlaw bride” soon to come out of her wilderness and come home.

Till Jesus wills it,

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