Not Into Christmas

For a couple of years now a few friends in The Lord have written posts that they don’t celebrate Christmas. Back when I was in the church it would’ve been an unthinkable thing as my family does and always has celebrated the day Jesus came to earth as a baby and laid in a manger.

Now? I think I can see why they don’t. Christmas now has become too commercial, wanting to get the best toy and shiny bling that business have created. Instead of joy on faces of people I see discontent, stress, anger, worry etc. How can anyone celebrate Christmas under those conditions? The world only offers temporary pleasures at best and at worst they break and don’t last.

I’ve been wondering about the holiday myself and wondering why I celebrate it…is it because of presents? Is it because of family? Is it because of food? Or is it because my Lord and Savior came to earth? Even tho I’ve heard the story a thousand times there’s still mystery and intrigue when we really stop, think, and wonder about it.

December 25 is just a day but like all days we can’t forget or stop thinking about Christ. His coming, His death and resurrection.

May God bless all His children this season.

Till Jesus wills it,

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