Mary, Mother of Jesus

jesus and mary
We all know who Mary is, the virgin maid chosen to bear the Son of God.  Yes she’s that, but I want to talk about her as a human being, not as the ‘pure as glass Sue’ that she’s been made out to be.

Today while shopping, my Mom and I were discussing the wedding in Cana and the wine running out, and Mary sliding over to Jesus with a knowing look and saying, “They’ve run out of wine!”   I can relate to being so close to parents to the point where whatever comes out of their mouth you know what they’re thinking and meaning.   Mary and Jesus were undoubtedly close like that.  She knew who He was, and He knew who He was, and He knew exactly what she was meaning.

Now what I found out that was most interesting was that Mary had moments of being heady, as in, “Hey, I’ve got the inside scoop.”  But Jesus tells her quietly that it wasn’t His time yet, and off she goes and tells the servants to do whatever He tells them.

There’s another moment too when Jesus is twelve, and she can’t find him during a trip to Jerusalem.  She panics.  She was entrusted with God’s son of all people, and then she loses him?  So for three days she and Joseph search the whole city.  Finally finding Him, she scolds Him as to why He ran off.   In return He asks why was she searching for Him? Didn’t she know He must be about His Fathers business?

There’s also that moment comes when Jesus is speaking to a crowd and someone pipes up and says His mother and brothers are there to speak to Him.  About what?  Maybe they weren’t pleased with everything He spoke of, as we know His brothers at first didn’t believe in Him. Jesus again brings His family down to earth again by asking, “Who are my mother and brothers?” And looking at His followers He says, “the ones who follow the will of my Father, they are My mother and brothers.”  After that it doesn’t say if He goes out at all to them.

Now in my personal opinion, Mary wasn’t much of an interesting character.  Sure she was special in being Jesus’ mother, but personality wise?  I’ve always found her a bit bland.  Now that I see these moments again, I’m glad to see she wasn’t perfect, as the songs say, but that she had moments of headiness, and  misunderstandings. However, Mary came to see that she couldn’t force the Spirit within Jesus and she came to trust and believe completely.  She came to treasure everything she had seen and heard in her heart.

Till Jesus wills it,

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