Gender Neutral and LGBT

I’m not a supporter of this by any means however what with the news going on and on about it, and now that Bruce Jenner has “changed” his sexual orientation, a thought struck me. Some men that I’ve known have gotten in touch with their feminine side (not that they changed their identity mind you,) but they just enjoyed being around women. Papa was one and he often talked about being gender neutral in Christ, a bond and spirit that goes beyond the normal way of looking at genders. David and Jonathan’s love for each other, for example, was more then the love of women. They weren’t homosexuals, but rather their bond went even deeper than that.

This goes so much deeper then what we know, and while I’m having trouble explaining myself, Heaven help me because I have to try. Bruce, who was/is born as a man was feeling lost as to his identity, and was brainwashed and stripped of happiness and contentment. So in order to find an identity he decides he will be a woman instead. What’s wrong with this picture or what else is going on? I think the LGBT community believes that it doesn’t matter who you’re with as long as you are happy, but that they are looking for something even more than that. They are looking for an identity to call their own. Unfortunately something happened to their identity and they are looking for a bond that goes much deeper then what we see.

Till Jesus wills it,

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