Who am I in God’s eyes?

shadow-womanGrowing up I had always known about God and Jesus but I only knew them as two-dimensional and distant. On a surface level I knew They loved me but in my heart I was scared that when I  messed up, which I did and do often, They wouldn’t love me as much anymore.  I saw them either as being too harsh or too soft as many songs and other religious sayings often say about Them.

I suppose this is my testimony of how I learned about The Trinity as they truly are and not what I had grown up to think.

When I got Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldridge, I was a bit nervous the next couple of days for  wanted to read it badly but Satan was doing what he could to thwart my determination.  However my desire became stronger then my fear and when I began to read I’ll never forget the fire beginning to stir up again.  And I’ll never forget what I told my mom, “This is Jesus as I’ve always wanted to know”.  Now, when I read my bible I see Jesus and His Father in a whole new light. There’s no going back. I don’t even want to call myself Christian now, but the titles of outlaw for Jesus or lover in training sound more like the real thing to me.

I never want to be back in religions chains, or feel like I am less then what Jesus has made me to be. I am a servant, I am a princess, I am a companion, I am a messenger, I am a sister, I am a bride, I am an outlaw.

Till Jesus wills it,


Who Is Jesus?

I love Jesus for being the “Beautiful Outlaw” that He is, and want to follow Him.  Care to join me?

“He is the playfulness of creation, scandal and utter goodness, the generosity of the ocean and the ferocity of a thunderstorm; He is cunning as a snake and gentle as whisper; the gladness of sunshine and the humility of a thirty-mile walk by foot on a dirt road.” ~ John Eldridge, Beautiful Outlaw