Not A Fan of Publicity

Several times in the gospels when Jesus healed someone, He tells them not to tell anyone. Of course human beings what they are, we tend to spill the beans, especially after something like this happens.

Jesus wasn’t a fan of publicity, and He didn’t do the things He did to get attention or man’s approval. He didn’t even care if it stirred controversy. Sometimes when He was around the crowds and controversies did come up He would simply set the matter straight and leave it be. Jesus was focused on obeying His Father’s will and He never wasted the time He had on trivial matters.

Publicity isn’t fun or healthy and Jesus knew it. Several times He wanted to get away from the gossip and the crowds pressing in to just rest, mourn (John the Baptist), pray etc., but He was always found. I can imagine the disciples would groan a bit when they saw the people pressing in, hoping to rest themselves. But Jesus set aside His own human desires and felt pity instead. People are still so lost and they long for Love, acceptance and healing. Who else but our Beautiful Outlaw?

Till Jesus wills it,

New Year Resolutions? New Year Absolution More Like It!

Resolutions mean things we need, or must do during the new year.  These are things for me which are quickly forgotten, often by the end of the first day. How many times have we swore up and down about keeping our promises only to cast them aside when life, or I’ll go out on another limb to say, laziness, gets in our way?

The Psalmist said; “I have kept the Lord always before me, for He is at my right hand I will not be shaken.”  Psalm 16:8

That sounds to me not like a promise, but as an “absolute”.  Absolute means complete or total, and absolution means absolving one of their fault.

Jesus is absolute for always – He’s complete.  It’s like how the book “Hinds Feet on High Places” explains it, that He won’t rest until He’s made us into the completeness of what He wants us to be.

Again my dear friend, I’ve been MIA for awhile but this time I haven’t felt anxious.  I’ve been learning to rest completely in my Lover’s embrace until such time as He thinks it best that I write again.

So instead of”resolutions” I’m going to count on “absolution” for this new year, on being complete, and happy in being an “outlaw bride” soon to come out of her wilderness and come home.

Till Jesus wills it,

A King is Born

How many kings where born this way? No rooms in the motels, inns, or even homes.  There was only a stable! A barn with hay, farm animals and musty smells that barns have.

And no king except one had a sentence of death on his head almost instantaneously, and had to flee under cover of darkness like a fugitive to escape a tyrant’s order because of jealousy.

What king would give up his throne for a hard life on earth to draw his people to himself?  What king has put aside omniscience and omnipresence and wrapped himself in humble flesh before?

What other king has been born unto a virgin conceived by the Holy Spirit?

Only one – Jesus, Emmanuel God with us.

Till Jesus wills it,
Godspeed!  And Merry Christmas dear friend.

Servants aren’t Greater then their Master

Being a servant is to serve, not to demand or think we are getting too big for our pants.  If we do, it becomes an issue of pride thinking that we deserve better then what we’re being handed.

Jesus said we are to serve here on earth while He’s back Home preparing for us a place.  If we don’t obey His commands, what are we good for? Well, the bible is blunt in calling the rebellious and disobedient chaff or stubble.

The work is urgent and I’ve begun to see the urgency when I read. And what of it if we’re slandered, mocked, and ridiculed?  Jesus went through all that and more and He never spoke back with offense wanting to get back in revenge.  That time has not yet come and it’s not our place.

Be careful my friend, and I’m speaking to myself too.  Feeling greater then what’s good for you isn’t being an outlaw or a servant. If Jesus, the High Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven could humble himself that much to bear all kinds of abuse for us, shouldn’t we as his Bride behave the same?

Till Jesus wills it,