Affirming or Neediness

Affirm: to say that something is true in a confident way

Needy: needing a lot of attention, affection, or emotional support

Let’s play around a bit with these two words.  “Needy” would signify self and all it’s wants and desires, and “affirm” would be in the Spirit, speaking truth in Love as firm or gentle as the need arises.

I honestly think I’m a needy person.  I crave affection, or when I’m down and moody I hope someone’s around to listen and support me if they can. But that’s all just self if I’m having a bad day emotionally and not wanting to listen to true affirmation about who I am.

My dear family, both biological and spiritual have affirmed to me again and again how they love me and who I am in Christ, and I’m grateful for that. To put up with my moods and emotions isn’t easy and I feel ashamed to even complain at times.

I’d love to become an affirming person both for myself and for others. Love loves to give more of Itself, and how can I be selfish when there are others worse off?

As a sister said, “we don’t live by seeing, we don’t live by feeling, we live by faith because faith is the evidence of things unseen.”

Till Jesus wills it,

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