A Shepherd Poem


Early morning the mist gently stands
On a field so wide and long
A spider waits on a fence on her web made of silk strands
Sheep chew the cud awaiting a call
Of the Shepherd who they love
Coming to their stall

See! There He comes now, tall and strong
Walking with His staff
He whistles soft, now loud along with the birds song
The sheep hearing Him get to their feet
Knowing the sound of His voice
He comes to the gate and lifts the latch
Still speaking in a gentle voice
Eagerly they come out to Him surrounding Him with their fleece
Their bleating makes Him laugh at times almost like a flock of geese
A lamb stumbles suddenly, the Shepherd sees
Falling with a painful bleat
The Shepherd is at once at her side helping the lamb to her feet
She nuzzles Him lovingly as if to say “Thank You.”
He checks her for injury and then hugs her as He whispers “I love you.”

Till Jesus wills it,

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